Values not shown in glide table

Hi Guys!

Wanna check how come after I have added a formula in Google Sheet (Arrayformula), the values are not appearing in glidetable?

Kindly advise if i need to amend anything on the glidetable?

Appreciate and thanks in advance!


Have you tried triggering a manual sync?

Also, have you considered creating that column directly in Glide using a computed column (probably an if-then-else)? If you do that, then you don’t have to worry about data sync. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always better to use Glide computed columns instead of spreadsheet formulas.

HI hi thanks for the prompt reply

The values appear after i change the Field type to Text.

Aside, can ARRAYFORMULA be used for GlideTable? Why is it better to use glide computed columns instead of speadsheet formulas?

ah, yes. I missed that. Using text values in a date/time column won’t work, so what you saw was as expected.

When you use computed columns, the results are applied to all rows in the table. So essentially they work in the same way as an arrayformula.

The biggest advantage of using computed columns is that you eliminate any delays caused by data sync between the client devices → Glide servers → Google Spreadsheet (and back again).

Imagine that you ask a user to enter some values, then you do some calculations with those values, and present the result. If you’re using spreadsheet formulas, then there will be a delay of anywhere between several seconds and several minutes before the result is shown to the user. Conversely, when you use computed columns, the calculation happens on the client device and the result is available instantly.


The corresponding if-then-else logic in Glide would be:

  • If “start” is empty then “No Contract”.
  • If “expire” is on or after today then “Active”.
  • Else “Expired”.