Computed Columns Not Showing

I created an app a while back, but for some reason, when I go to Add a Column in the Glide Data Editor, the last entry I see is Row ID, with nothing else below it, like Array, Code, Cryptography, etc.

Are these computed columns only available for newly created apps in Glide?

Dumb question. Have you tried adjusting your zoom level or simply scrolling the list?

No need to because I have plenty of screen space. It just simply isn’t giving me those extra computed column entries. It works for @JackVaughan though in his Data Editor Updates video…ha ha

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Hehe, ok. Just a wild guess. I checked and old old app and a newer one of mine and it appears that I have all the plugins showing up. Maybe try restarting the computer???

That didn’t work.

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Weird, I try it on my old app and it works normally. Have you tried clearing your cache?