How do I add components to show more columns in my app?

Hi, I am new here and can’t find an answer to my question.
On the app on my phone, I can see columns A & B right away, but even when I enter Column A to see what’s inside, it’s blank – it doesn’t show any columns or anything at all.
I want to be able to see later columns when I enter into Column A.
Can someone please help me figure it out?
Thank in advance – I really appreciate it.

Even if you have a component for a column, if there is no data in a column for a given row it will not show in a view. If you enable edit or add you would have them show up so data can be entered.

Hi George B., thanks for the quick response. Yes, I do have info in the columns, C & D, but they don’t appear. Nothing appears.
It does allow me the option to add info, but it is also fixed for just one column – another question I have – how to allow all users to edit info in any columns (A - E).

That is pretty basic stuff. Have you looked at any of the tutorials? I would start there and once you get a few of those looked at come back to the community for help. You may want to create a sample app and make it a template, this way someone can see what you have done so far.

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If you added the columns after the app was built, you will probably need to go in and add components for each new column.

Thanks George B I think you are right.
The problem I am having with the tutorials is that I am not sure which ones to watch for my targeted problems. I’ve sat through 2 that have not helped at all with anything. But it’s probably best to just sit and take notes, regardless – it’s not like they’re long and painful to watch.

Take a look at this video. I don’t know if it’s officially posted in the Glide Library yet, but it is very thorough.

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thank you Jeff_Hager. I am going to watch it now.