Data column not showing in app

I have an Airtable base that has synced fine with glideapps and all data is showing up in glide and in the app on my phone as expected.

But I’ve since gone back and added two columns to the Airtable base and re-synced to glide.

Again, all the data (including the two new columns) is showing up in glide but the two new columns of data are not showing up in the app once published and on my phone.

I have tried unpublishing and then publishing the app again (reinstating the new app on my iPhone desktop) but that didn’t make a difference.

Any advice on how to get the info in those two new columns to show up??

New columns won’t magically appear in the Glide User Interface.
You need to open the builder and either add new components for those columns, or modify existing ones.

Ah - got it. Dumb question, sorry. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Nah, not a dumb question at all.
When you first create an App from a data source, Glide will make an attempt at building a User Interface from the data for you. So it’s probably not unreasonable to expect it might also do that when you extend the data source. But it doesn’t :wink: