App not Updating and Icon not Displaying

My app’s URL:

My app is not updating (I added a new column, and it is not showing it in the app despite reloading the sheet)

AND the app when I save it to the homescreen is NOT my icon.

Please help!

Hi Jocelyn,

When you add new columns to an existing app, Glide doesn’t automatically add components to show them. The columns should show up in the Data Editor, however. If they don’t please let us know.

To add a new component, click to blue “+” in the upper right corner when you’re in “Layout”. I also recommend watching our intro videos.

Could you send us a screenshot of what the app looks on your homescreen? Is it still the same icon if you add it again?

Actually, somehow now the icon is working. But, I added a column to my sheet and I don’t understand why it isnt showing in the app despite the videos. Your instructions say that it should refresh immediately. Can you help?

So when you are adding a component it does not show in the list of available columns? Have you looked at the columns in the Data view?

when I look at “data” in the glide program, I see all of the correct columns (including the new one I added blafter creating the app) but the data from that new column isn’t showing up in the app. Any ideas?

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Yes in data view they are all there. But in the app, the new column of data is not there.

You need to add the the proper components to show the new column values in the app. Glide will make a rough draft of an app off of your sheet initially, but any changes to the sheet layout require you to design, add, and remove components as necessary. Glide does not want to assume it knows how you want to use any new columns. You especially do not want this to happen when you have an app in use by several users. You need to design and add components how you want.