My app isn't updating

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My input on my google spreadsheet is not updating on my app. For instance, I’ve added new tabs and they aren’t coming up. Also, I’ve removed columns from existing tabs and they still come up on my app.

What should I be looking for? Is this a glitch?

After you’ve added a new tab, you have to manually add new tabs to your app. If you remove columns used in your sheet, your app will stop updating and show a warning symbol on the Refresh Sheet button. Glide is not designed to automatically redesign your app as you add and remove sheets or columns from your sheet.

David, thank you.

A few follow up questions. 1) What does manually adding new tabs to my app mean? I thought you were referring to working on my sheet. 2) Have any suggestions on how to re-activate my app when it has stopped updating?, 3) it sounds like removing columns is a big no no - just confirming for future reference?, and 3) if Glide isn’t designed to automatically redesign the app as I add and remove sheets or columns, does this mean that every time I start a new app I need to start with a set number of columns and tabs preferably?

No. If you add columns in an existing sheet, just force a reload in the app builder to take them into account and be able to linked components to these new columns.

What David explained, it’s that when you create your app the first time, the existing tabs are loaded. Then, if you add new tabs in your Google sheet, they will (hopefully) not be added to your app automatically. To use them or display them, go to the tab section of the app builder, then click amon the + icon, add your new tab. You can give it a name (not mandatory) and an icon (preferably).

After, if you delete columns in your existing Google sheet, take care FIRST to remove any component linked to these columns. Else Glide will detect an issue with your sheet.

Hope this will clarify…

Note : Glide can detect new columns in an existing sheet used by your app. In this case, it will propose you to automatically add these columns with some components. You can accept and change the components after by yourself, or you can decline and associate manually these news columns to the component of your choice.

@fcosorio these are some of the most basic questions about how to use Glide so we’ve answered them extensively in the videos in your Learn section, and the documentation. Hit the books!

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Thank you, Christopher