Once the app is published - Newly added Airtable fields to not appear automatically on Details screens

Noticed one super annoying issue while working on Glide with AirTable.

Even after my Glide app is published - newly added AirTable fields automatically appear on app’s details screens.

This is pretty bad as (a) AirTable is often used as a workhorse for processes beyond the Glide app, and (b) AirTable is often used by people other than Glide developers… therefore, the newly added fields in 95% of cases are irrelevant or even harmful (e.g. sensitive data) for the app and thus should not automatically appear on the app.

Any changes or solutions here?

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I agree this is anoying specially when using glide as an order management tool

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Interesting no one upvoted this issue and I received a response from Glide support that this is an expected behaviour based on their design… so I don’t expect Glide to prioritise fixing this.

This is definitely not expected behavior. I’ve raised the issue with the Support team.

Can you make a Loom video of this? I cannot reproduce the behavior.