Deep link for login in user and anybody else

So, all i need - is a link to detail screen that can see anybody.

Same information is reacheble by tab for login in user and separated tab for user that not login. (same row)

Most of people that can get a “share link” - not logined. but most people who can push “share” - is logined, and get a link that can see only logined user.

is it possible to get a link without “get link to curent screen”?

what i try to do:
make an action sequence:
go to tab for not logined
view detail
copy a link to screen (or save it in sheet)
go to tab that can see logined user
view detail (where he was at start)

link that i get this way - not show a detail screen, just open “home screen of app”

don’t have other idea.
please help.

The short answer is no. If you need a deep link to a detail screen it needs to be generated on that detail screen itself.

It’s not the best user experience, but typically what I do is create an in-line list of user profiles and filter it to where the email is the signed in user resulting in only one record being displayed. I usually give this a title such as “edit your public profile”.

On the detail screen of that in-line list, I placed a button to share the screen. That button has a custom action of a set column > link to this screen action followed by a share link action of that deep URL.