Transferring user-entered form info into spreadsheet

Hello. I have created an app, and I want to put a form in it. I would like to have the information that the user enters saved in the spreadsheet. Is it possible? If yes, how would I do that?

Add a form button.

Click the form button to open the form.

Add fields that correspond to columns in your spreadsheet. The sheet where you want to gather responses will need to have column names (not just a blank sheet), then you can link each form field in the app to a column of the sheet. Each submission of the form will be a new row in your sheet.

Ok, thank you. It works now.

Is there a way to make the data go into a specific row, or does it have to create a new row to be inserted?

It just inserts data on the next empty row after the last filled row in the sheet. If you want to edit an existing row, then I would display the details for that existing row and turn on editing.

How do I display the details for that row?

Are you currently displaying any existing data in your app? No different than that.

Ok, thank you. How do I make the data in a box on a sheet show different lines on the app?
In the template, it shows 2 “#” in front of each element, but I tried that in my spreadsheet, and it didn’t work.

@Jfranklin have you watched the videos and followed any of the tutorials or checked out our documentation?

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