After clicking send in Form

Is there anyway after clicking send in form that I can stay in the form not going back to the page before because I want to put more new data in that form.


Not with a traditional Form Button / Action.

You’d need to do one of the following:

  1. Create what we’ve dubbed a “custom form”:

    1. Details screen with input components that write to user specific columns in the source sheet
    2. A “submit button” on that screen with a custom action that:
      1. Adds a new row to the destination sheet.
      2. Clears the user specific columns from the source sheet.
      3. Shows a notification and navigates (optional). In your case, show new input fields based on the fact that they pushed the button
  2. (Probably the easier route and my preferred method)

    1. Add a “Show Edit Screen > This Item” action as the “On Submit” action for the form. This will open up the edit screen for the newly created row. Users can then enter additional info about that record.


Could you please show me pictures of the first choice

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