Enter data from a spreadsheet into a form on a website

Hey Everyone!
I have some data in my Google Sheets, and I want to build an app to enter the selected row of data into the correct fields on a web page. Is this something Glide can do? I was reading about relations actions but most examples and posts I’m seeing are about people doing things the other way (i.e. taking data from web forms and entering it into a spreadsheet). Thanks for helping out a new Glider!


What “web page” are you referring to here? Can you describe more about an ideal flow if people use your app?

Yes, absolutely!

I want users to be able to take a row of data they have entered into their google sheets spreadsheet, and glide enter that data into the corresponding fields on the form on this web site.

Essentially, I want glide to fill out the form for them with their own data.
Thanks for any help!

The only way that could work is if that website would have the ability to allow you to pass parameters through the url, which I highly doubt, unless they have it documented somewhere. If they happened to allow query parameters through their url, then you could build a template of the url using Glide and your data. However, at that point you could just as well do the same thing with a google sheet if your users already have their hands in the google sheet.

Thanks for the input Jeff!

The site must allow at least some parameters to pass through the URL because often when I go back to the site to enter new data, many of the fields are (inconsistently) prefilled. Or maybe that is the work of the browser.

I would most likely guess that it’s the browser doing that. I have my browser set up to prefill a lot of things, such as my name and address, regardless of the website.

To use a url, the url would have to be specially formulated with all of those details as parameters included in the url. At the same time, the website would also have to be programmed by the developers to read those parameters and place them into the correct fields on the screen. The developers of that website would have to program for that and provide documentation telling you what those parameters would be. It’s not an automatic process that just works.

If it’s important to you, I would contact that website and ask if they allow query parameters in their url, or ask if they have an API you can use to send the information through an API. I did not see anything on their website that said either was possible.

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Does glide allow testing of the AI functions? Maybe the AI could do the fill ins for me. The creators of the web form simply did just that, created a form for folks to enter their information into. Doubtful they’re interested in adding any other functionality. I’m just trying to automate that form completion process with a glide app.

That’s just not how it works. I don’t know how you think the AI in Glide could help here. You’re better off looking for a bot program that could essentially take over your keyboard and mouse to automatically fill out and submit the form. Even then, you would have to train it initially. You’re just not going to get what you want out of Glide unless that other website provides alternative methods for data entry. You’re basically asking to have Glide take over your computer, which for security reasons just isn’t going to happen.

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