Trigger Action when new row added

I am looking for a way to trigger an action without having to press a button.

The action is to Set a column value (Quote Number) and increment a number. (Counter)

When I create a quote manually, I have the action set up to do this. However, I need to be able to run this action when a new row is added from a google form.



use the google script, and the trigger for a new form

Couldn’t you be a little more specific please

create a script, that will run when a new form is added… did you ever try to write the google script?
you cant do it in Glide, only google script

But the action I need To run is in glide

you said that you couldn’t do the action… what kind of action? the script can do all kinds of actions, as long you are using google sheets not glide tables in your app

Firstly, it’s currently not possible to trigger an action in Glide without any direct user interaction. So I’ll get that out of the way first.

The first question I would ask is do the folks submitting data via the Google Form have access to your App? If yes, then the best solution would be to get rid of the Google Form, and instead collect the data directly in your App via a Glide Form.

Assuming that there is a good reason why that isn’t a viable option, then yes, you’ll need to use something external to Glide. This could be an Apps Script onFormSubmit trigger (as Uzo suggests), or something like Make/Zapier watching for new rows. Or maybe even some spreadsheet formulas.

Of course one problem you might run into is if you have new rows being added from different sources (Glide & Google Forms), then anything external that you set up to do your set column/increment could get in the way when rows are added from Glide and your Glide action does the same thing. So it could get a bit messy.

Ultimately, your best solution will probably be to get rid of the Google Form and do everything inside Glide.

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