Visibility Conditions inverted in Form?

Visibility conditions are inverted in “Show Form Screen Title Form” component. The visibility works fine outside this component.

When in this form, If a field contains data (Google Sheet), and I set the condition to “is empty”, the component shows. If the field is empty, the component is hidden. This happens on every condition. For example, if I set this to “doesn’t include” ABC, the field shows only if the field contains ABC.

I’ve used visibility a LOT, and never had this problem. I even re-read the text to be sure nothing changed, and sure enough it says “Set conditions for when the component should be visible”.

The only caveat is that this field is populated by an ARRAYFORMULA in Google Sheets, but I’ve never had this affect my results before. Am I missing something?

I think I’m following. When you say “This field is populated by an ARRAYFORMULA”, do you mean you’re just displaying text from an array formula in the form itself? If so, maybe trying just using a “Custom” text field and see if that corrects the visibility issue.