Setting up multiple options for each product in a form - how?

I’m setting up a sample order form for products with three variables, each is a mandatory selection for customers:

  1. Product: (select product)
  2. Box size: (select box size)

1 fillet ($25)
5 lbs fillets ($100)
10 lbs fillets ($200)

  1. Quantity (select quantity)


Creating all possible combinations of each product doesn’t seem practical. I’ve tried using relations but it doesn’t appear to be the way. There’s also a finite amount for each product - another challenge.

In the original version of the form, the product choice was limited, so having two choice components in the form was sufficient (see below). The first component pulled from a (product name - price) column on a “Products” sheet, the second from a (Quantity) column on an “Options” sheet.

Am I going about this wrong?

I’m guessing you’ve gotten more answers from this thread?

Hey there. I’ve checked out the various options on that thread including th Dynamic List Filter in your Concepts app. There are many permutations of the above scenario and the app is used by independent parties (via copy this app) so relying on visibility in component features is not an option especially for larger and more complex product lists. I actually wanted to delete this post but have no permission.

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@Jeff_Hager I’ve got some answers but I haven’t found the solution yet. I need my choices to be dinamic depending of the previous choice