Dynamic Dependent Choices

Hello to everyone!

I am familiar with how to create a dynamic dependent drop-down on sheets, up to maybe 2 levels. I need some help with how I can do that with Glide.

So for example, I’d like to create something like a name sorter let’s say.

Where in the first choice would be:
Choose your favorite letter
(drop down displays A to Z, 26 choices)
Example: User chooses a Letter: B

The second drop down in my Form, will depend on the choice above.
(drop down displays only names that start with the letter chosen, so anywhere between 5 to 150 choices let’s say depending on the letter chosen)
Example: User sees the names Bob, Bill, Bean, Barry, Bing, Blue
User chooses ‘Bing’

The third drop down should then depend on the previous choice again, showing all written variations of that name (anywhere from 1 to 10 varied spellings)
User sees Bing, Beeng, Bng, Bhing, Bheeng l
User chooses ‘Bng’

Once user clicks submit it should input in my sheets.

So far I’ve been able to do up to the first 2 drop-down t it seems like a long workaround. Is there anyone that can help?

Something like this?


edit: I made this a copyable template, so feel free to copy


It uses:
(1) A column for the letters
(2) A column for each of the letters with the names in each letter
(3) A column for each of the names with the spelling/misspellings for each name

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Hello Jaime, could you please explain this a little more?, I need to so something like this. I need a choice component to show countries and then a choice component to show cities of the country selected in the previous choice component.

I don’t understand how to set the visibility conditions, also could you please share your sheet?

Thank you

@AlfredoZGC Hey mate, try copying this app I made and having a look at how the form is constructed 5owqo.glideapp.io

Thank you!! Yes actually! I’ll try and experiment with this, but seems to be close. I’ll update once I’ve created it :slight_smile:

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Okay so your options are similar to what we tried to do and it works with small sets of data, i was wondering if it’s possible to do something in the sheets using filters?

Because there will be somewhere around 100+ choices for the first level, 5 to 100 per each choice on the 2nd level, and then 2 to 20 for each choice in the 2nd.

It seems like I could work it within sheets up to the 2nd, but not the third using filters :grimacing: but can’t seem to make it work in glide without looping

It takes a decent amount of time to sync the options (around 5 seconds), and it requires that you add a record for the letter first, and then edit the record for choices for name and spelling: bw16i.glideapp.io

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@Jaime Thanks a lot for your help. Your solution worked perfect for me, It is true that populate each citie is tedious but it works fine. I hope glide implement some tool to to this easily in the near future.


no worries mate :+1:

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Hi everyone!

Here you can see and test how create Dynamic Choices in cascade without using Google Sheets or visibility conditions (no tricks :slight_smile: )

It’s not a multiuser example but you can understand the process and idea so far. The real trick here is to use Relations

I hope it helps anyone


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I’ll throw my example in here too. Check out the Dynamic Filter in https://concepts.glideapp.io/. It’s probably very similar to @gvalero’s example and uses relations. The only visibility I use is to show 1 of 2 maps based on if both choice components combined have matching related items. Each map uses a different relation.


Hello @gvalero, could you please explain this a little more? seems like a solution but I don’t understand how to do that

Hola @AlfredoZGC

Sorry, I didn’t see that I haven’t enabled the option to copy it as template

Let me delete some useless data/info to leave it available (I was testing other things in another tab and it can confuse more).


Gracias @gvalero


@AlfredoZGC the rocket is ready!

@gvalero Thanks A lot, now I understand the Relations!

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I modified my demo APP to support a multiuser environment (Sig-In User) as well https://dynchoices.glideapp.io/

I think it can be useful to you and anyone in future.

Saludos a todos!

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Thank you! I will check it out

Hi @gvalero - Thanks for sharing this!

I tried to emulate your setup, borrowing from both the public and private tabs to amend a form I already have in an app. It seems the Relation in public view that makes this work is not compatible in a form setting.

I’m looking to set up two choice components (you can see in a modified version of your app: dynamicchoices2.glideapp.io ), Top-level is Products, drill-down is Box Size. Once a user makes those selections (among others), they submit the form. Right now, in my app, I have form output on a completely separate sheet, not mixed in with product info.

Do you know of a workaround or am I overlooking something?

Thanks for your help!