Dependent (Cascade) Drop-Down Lists


I’d like to create multiple (3 and more) dependent lists in one screen so that Glide-Apps could save all previously entered data (I mean the data saved in Components and values > Columns).

I’ve made a concept ( and video of what I’ve managed to create. I’ve also seen a similar community post: app-with-multiple-levels-and-drop-down-menus

The problem of my lists is that I’ll need to create new elements in GlideApps manually when new data appears.

I’ve thought of 2 possible solutions:

  1. Use multiple inline lists, like concepts app by @Jeff_Hager. This sample is great but when user enters the next level of inline lists, the programm loses all data from columns, like order and product ids in mu case.
  2. Upgrade conditions that in Layout > Choice > Features section

    The picture shows what I mean. If I could select the value from another column of the same form here. It would be just great and I did not need to create each list manually.

UPDATE. Possible since the last update. Please see my sample and answer here:

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