App with Multiple Levels and Drop down menus


I am new to Glide… I have watched few of the videos. Its all great.
I am planning to develop a App for our community relatives data entry. This requires multiple level…

Level-1 – List of Zones ( Zone-1 , Zone-2 … )
Level-2 – Each Zone have multiple Towns ( Town-1 , Town-2 … )
Level-3 – Each Town have multiple City ( City-1 , City-2 … )
Level-4 – Each City have multiple Street ( Street-1 , Street-2 … )
Level-5 – Each Street have Multiple Door Number ( #1 , #2 … )
In each Door , Person details are there ( Name , Age , Qualification , Interest , etc… )

  1. For Navigation , I need the One Screen for each for the Levels… Home → Zones → Towns → City → Street → Door Numbers
    Each page should come as per the Selection made in the previous levels…

  2. For Editing the Details In the Navigation , Last page should be the Person Details page… which can be editable.

  3. For Adding the New Person – A separate Page for Adding a Person, In this We need the Dull down menu for each of these Levels and Drop-down should
    change dynamically based on the previous level selection… If Zone is selected as Zone-1 , then in the Town drop down Zone-1 Towns only should appear…

Could you please someone help on this… Thanks.

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All of that should be possible accept the dynamically changing dropdowns. As an alternative, I would suggest turning on +Add functionality at each level. That way you can add new zones and the zone level, new towns at the town level, new cities at the city level and so on. That way, one you get to the door level, your door records should contain zone, town, city, street already. When you add a new person, you will be at that level and can pull in all of the details into the new person record. Each level would use the Columns components at the bottom of the components list. Navigating through each level would act as a dynamic dropdown. Once you drill down to the level you need, you already have the information for creating a new person record. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks Jeff, Yes this is also OK…

Is there any sample data structure similar to this Multiple level drop down… Could you please help to identify any of the sample source… Thanks.

I created a Multi-Level Select demo in

Feel free to copy and use as you want.


THANKS LOT Jeff !! This looks great. Excellent support. I will make use of this and update it for my requirement and let you know… Thanks once again.

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I’ve made a concept of dependent drop-downs that are kept on a single screen and so I’ve kept all the columns (Components and values > Columns) with pre-set information for my form.

Here’s the app:

And the video (1 min) showing the idea.

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@Max_Makhrov - what’s the password to your app?

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Password: producto

BTW, you do not need the password to copy the app: open the link with a PC version of the page.

How do you get the Google sheet for this or do you need it… have not figured out how to get multiple items in one column like this?


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You can copy the app which will copy the sheet with it.

Figured it out thanks… hit edit sheet and took me to sheet.

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