Nav / Menus - Help - I’m sure it’s doable... just a noob

Hey Team!

Paul from Melbourne, Australia here. I think I’m going to develop an addiction to Glide Apps for me and my customers. :smirk:

Ok, so I’m play / testing here:

Building a little app to share with my Guests on staying in our Airbnb.

Have a small / simple nav issue that I’m looking for some more experienced guidance on. In the ‘House Manual’ section, I’d like people to be able to click in and navigate another level deeper to discover more useful content.

Here is where I’m having trouble. Viewing the app, if you click into Arrival & Departure I’ve added a button to read ‘Check-in Details’. If you step back a level that button is also replicated to my Wifi tab too… I suspect I need to restructure my thinking a little so looking for advice on what I suspect is a really simple solution to structuring my data / app better.

If someone has a quick example I’d love to take a look at it. :+1:


Figured out a bit of a workaround using buttons. It’ll get a first iteration over the line. :+1:

Neat app!

If your arrival, departure and wifi information is all in the same sheet, then you will run into problems because layouts are tied to each sheet. If you make a change to components in one view, then, that will also affect all other views that point to that same sheet. I didn’t see what you had before the buttons, but it looks good now. I really like the use of Glide for airbnb’s.

Now you’ve got me wondering how it is you have six pages for the home screen.

@Les_Henderson do you mean the images? You can do this if you set up your columns correctly, the new lookup with multiple relations allows this too.

Neat app indeed! Makes me wanna come for a visit. Just wish it wasn’t so far, (I’m from the US. :flushed:)

I do have some advice though. The link for the address to the B&B should not be there as it points to a non-resolvable link.

Great work though. :+1:

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It seemed to be separate pages as opposed to images. I could only see one image on three pages even though it said 1 of 6.

@Les_Henderson Did you swipe the image left or right?

@Paul Your image component is currently clickable and take you to the departure screen. I also think you can change your address link to open a map instead.

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Ha. What a knucklehead I am. I clicked on the image.

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Ahh yes thanks for the comment and spotting! That address ‘link’ should have been a basic text component with action ‘open map for address’. :+1:

Thanks Jeff!

Didn’t realise I’d left the images clickable… have removed them for simplicities sake… they’re images from our Airbnb so it’s more about providing some familiar visuals rather than content / explanation.

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Fixed it to remove the clickability… :wink:

Thanks for the feedback all! I’ve tightened up the overall design (removed some bloaty menu items) and addressed a few things spotted. Think this is a very clean and easy to use v1.

I’ve now gone Pro with it and successfully done the DNS trickery. is it’s new home… for now.

Now to tidy up the spreadsheet and optimise the fields so data is shared easily… and have a play with the data editor / relationships. :sunglasses:

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I would personally have all photos on one tab with underlying details, rather than as a gallery. Like you were selling each room as an item in your store. That way they are ensured of seeing the pictures even if they are as dense as me.

I’d also pick a different layout for your attractions page so the items pop. ie. slightly larger images. I forget the name of the option.

Two good thoughts… I’ll have a bigger think about it…