Is it possible to make sub pages? (Glide Apps)

Because of my health condition, I am using a medical app to keep track of things.
But recently they have switched and made a new app, but I am not happy with how this works. And some of the features of the “old” app are not in the new one anymore, or it has been made more complex.
Sometimes the logic is gone. (For me)
So I have started to make my own app.
I am doing it slowly and adding one thing at a time.
Right now I am wondering if it is possible to make “subpages”.
For example.
On my “home screen” at the bottom, I have several options.
One of them is called “Lab Values”
When I go there, I want to have several options/pages on which I can enter things like, My Weight, My Blood pressure, Heart rate, and one more.
When I choose one of those pages, I would like to see my previous values and the option to enter/add a new value.
Right now I have the options, Weight, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate on my home screen. And by tapping one of those options on the bottom, I can see the previous values and I can enter/add a new value.
But the bottom would get very crowded if I would put too much there.
I also would like to use the subpages for my medication and everything that goes with it. (right now it would be too complex to explain more about it)
So if I could place things in subpages, then that would be great.
I hope that what I would like to do is possible.
If so, I hope someone can explain it to me, step by step.
I am still new to Glide and every time I am learning new things.
Thanks in advance, for all the tips and tricks, time, and effort to help me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you refer to your pages being on the bottom I assume you mean that you’re using Glide Apps (not pages) and that you’re referring to Tabs.

There isn’t a way to have sub tabs…but, you can have as many tabs as you want. You can also place them in the side menu if you feel space is getting cramped.

If you want, you can combine purposes into a single tab and then switch between the purposes using a choice component as a menu.

Here’s an example of one I made that I styled with some CSS to get the effect I want. Note how the content of the tab changes when selecting a new choice:

All this to say, you have options.


Robert’s solution is Awesome! :+1: That option is better for the App’s UI too!

Just adding another two options! :upside_down_face:

With a custom action :

Another way is to use the Details screen action and enable the Independent Screen Configuration option!

Thank you

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Thanks, Robert.
Sorry, I forgot to make it clear and forgot to mention that it is for Glide Apps. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will check out your example.
I have seen several times that people are using CSS. I think it is time that I will check out how that works. :slightly_smiling_face:
I will let you know how this works out for me.

Thanks, Dilon.
I also will check this out.
Nice to see that there are several options. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Robert,
I tried the CSS option, but I am not able to get it to work.
I had pasted the code in a Rich Text component, but nothing happens on screen.
I think I am missing something somewhere.
I had read through the post you refer to, but also in there I am not able to see what I am maybe missing.
Maybe you could give some more info or directions.
Thanks in advance.

Pierre in you Choice component select the Segment style!


I just did this, but where then do I past the CSS?
I don’t see an option like “custom”

Inside the Rich Text component!

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Okay, now I see it
There is a separate sheet with all the choices.
I had missed that part.
Thanks :grin:

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And then you can link a choice to a tab?
And that tab can be in the side menu or maybe make it hidden?
(Sorry for the many questions) :slight_smile:

You cannot use a choice component for navigation (because they don’t support actions), but you can control what is shown on the current screen based on the value of a choice.


Right. The CSS is simply to style the choice component. Need a choice component written to a user specific column that will house the users menu choice. Then you have visibility conditions set on the components on that screen based on the choice that they selected.


I think I need more time to think about it and see how I would do it further.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Just getting back to your original question, I think for your use case an inline list using a tiles layout would work quite well. You could use a custom action with a separate navigation action for each list item - one for Weight, one for Blood Pressure, one for Heart Rate, etc.


But I have some idea that for that I need to redesign my sheet.
Because now for each one, I have a separate sheet. So I have a list of each measurement taken on which day.
But first I will check out how to do the separate navigation action.
I have some idea but only if I try some things, it will become a little bit clear to me. (I hope :wink: )

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Telepathy :smiley: :point_up_2:


Hi Dilon,
Thanks for your video.
After looking at it, and letting it sink in a bit, I had used your option.
I had turned the “options”/choices" into “buttons”.
I still need to do some work on it but this is how it looks so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I can remove the tabs at the bottom and place other tabs there.
And maybe I make the “buttons” smaller. We will see.
Again thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice job :+1:

This is a nice approach, and one I have used many times.
And yes, you have quite a few options with a tiles list. You can adjust the size or shape/aspect ratio, you can have multiple tiles per line, or you can use background images.


Awesome Pierre! :ok_hand: Happy to help! :raised_hands: And I have to say that Thanks to Darren ( Murphy ) I learned that we can use the new colour column for use it as a image! :saluting_face:

Good Luck!

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