Creating tabs / sub-pages

Hi! I’m a new glide user and for my app I’d love to be able to nest pages inside of one another to group them - otherwise the navigation of my application is pretty bad because I will just have 15-20 pages all listed down the left-hand column with no clear groupings. Anyone know the answer? Is this on the roadmap?

Do you mean something like this?
Are you creating a Glide App or Glide Page?

This is the home page of my data suite for nonprofit organizations. The home page and menu only include the current four modules. Then there are subpages under each. You can check out my promo site at FCAC Data Suite

This is the subpage under Board Tracker…

Grant Tracker…you get the idea…

Hi ! I’m creating a Glide App. And no, I mean something like this where there are nested pages:
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 9.25.51 PM

No, that is not something that is available as of now.

@fluittsolutions’ approach should work the same for Apps. You show tabs for categories, and on that screen you have a menu for subcategories.

Got it. That’s unfortunate. I don’t really like that solution though… the UX is not nearly as good. I guess I will just hope they add this feature soon.

You don’t have to use buttons. A good option is an Inline List in tiles layout. Here is an example:

Hero Icons are also really useful for inline menus. I think @Robert_Petitto might have a few examples of that.

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Ya. Complete with CSS notification badges :sweat_smile:


I use @Darren_Murphy’s approach on my Festival Chasers App. And you can’t go wrong with any @Robert_Petitto video.

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How would I do this in Glide? I’m trying to figure it out but not sure exactly how to set this up. Looks exactly what I’m looking for though.

What exactly do you need from the screenshots? The tabs or the actions on the right?

In Glide Apps or Glide Pages? And to which example do you refer?