NEED HELP with menus HELP

Hi there,

I am a new user on Glide and I want to make Menus and tabs separate. For example if I went on a menu tab called Inventory I would want the bottom of the screen tabs to display custom items related to inventory. Or if I chose menu Item food I would then want the tabs to display my custom items such as fries, hamburgers etc.

Is this possible??

If this is not possible I think this is a huge flaw as this is how every app can allow for extreme organization and user experience.

Can you give us some examples of apps like this?

I’m thinking you can just add inline lists based on each tab, but would love to hear more.

Thank you for this answer. I think you might be right with inline list as an option. I have some other technical questions, Is there a way to set up a call with a expert? It is sometimes hard to solve some of these issues through forums?

Many experts ready to help, maybe is best to head over to the experts page on glide

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Feel free to post them here if you don’t have any data security problems. There are a lot of people here who are willing to help.