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I posted about this in the topic below (now closed).

I thought the solution suggested (using a custom collection, to link to “New screens” via a workflow, would work, but I am afraid it just isn’t quite cutting it. I could do with the “tabs” staying permanently on the screen - a few of my users found it confusing that they would disappear. Yes I could copy them to each page - but that is a bit tedious.

So I am going back to using a choice component on a single page, writing to a field in the users table and having several collections on one page controlled with visibility settings. Feels really cumbersome to set up though.

Hope Glide add some kind of sub-menu / native tab soon

Thanks anyway - still a useful tip!


This will kill your edits count if you scale, though.

Can you describe what is the problem with this approach?

Sure -

It works well, but for the following -

  • I find it quite hard getting the relations to work on each new screen. In fact, this is something I always seem to struggle with. I have a screen for “Projects”, which then links to a detail screen for that project. That’s fine. On that detail screen is where I have the buttons to link to each of the new screens. When I am on a new screen - I don’t seem to have the data source option I need in the Data>Source dropdown. Though I appreciate I probably just need to add a relation into the table that stores the tab names for this. I am pretty sure though (Can’t recall why), a couple of times the relation hasn’t shown up - but that could be user error. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way of referencing which table the reference comes from (though I am now in the habit of calling each relation field something like rel-TABLE 1>TABLE 2

  • Ideally, each page would have the tabs remain as is and the current page would show as selected. That didn’t seem possible with this approach

  • Recreating the tabs on each page was rather tedious - and it was hard to keep track of all the different screens.

So I assume you want the navigation bar to live on each of the project details screen?

You should still have it, I think this is where things get lost.

Add a JavaScript column in your User Profiles table.

This will return the rowID of the screen you’re viewing.

return p1.split("/").pop()

Then add a template column on the tables where you store the tab names. Point that template column to the value above.

Next, create a relation from that template column to the rowID column of the projects table.

Finally, on your collection of tab names, the action should be “show new screen” > the relation above. I think what was mistaken here is you were navigating to the row of the tab name, instead of the row of the project.

Yes, same idea as above.

I thought you want to have different components for each “tab”?

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Thanks for this - @ThinhDinh

I guess this is partly my case in point - A clever technique, but it seems quite complicated.

Got that working ok (with the Javascript column / template column and relation etc) - very clever and makes sense!

Maybe I am doing something wrong - but this now creates a new screen with access to the current “Project” - which is great - but I need to put different elements on each screen. I would just like the tabs to be consistent on each page (with the current page deselected)

Seems like a lot of work for fairly standard functionality?

Really appreciate your help though -

It would be a tad easier if we have custom screen configuration for “show new screens”, but yeah at the moment I think it’s the way we have to work with.

I don’t understand the “tabs to be consistent on each page (with the current page deselected)” part. Can you give an example in visual form?

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