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I would like to create an app using which users can add new VEGAN food item and search for existing VEGAN food items available at the supermarkets.

There will be multiple categories such as Dairy, Beverage, Snacks, Chocolates etc.,

Each category will have various sub categories for eg Dairy category will have Butter, Yogurt, Milk, Cheese.

Once the user selects a particular sub category then the respective list of items should be displayed. Here is an overview.

Dairy > Milk

Brand Product Name Store Location
Apro Soya Milk Rewe, Aldi All over Germany
Apro Almond Milk Lidl All over Germany

How can I create this using glide?

This sounds very similar to the Dynamic List Filter example I have in https://concepts.glideapp.io/. Check it out and see it that works for you.

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Yes to an extent. What I need is a layout and options similar to the below link


Please note that I am not to going to sell any products so price information is not required. Idea is users should be able to see a list of grocery products which are grouped under different categories.

How about the Multi Level Select example in my app?


How to make a choice to the upper level ?! I need the drop-down list to open immediately when I click the ADD button!

There are only two dependent lists in my application. Countries and cities. When the user selects a country in the first list, then in the second he selects the cities of this country. And then immediately fills out the remaining fields and only then submits the form.

Use the choice component as described in the video. https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/components/pickers/choice