Explain to me please!

Unless he was trying to make a dependent choice: based on the country? For example only show French cities when selecting France. Is this possible? Would it be a choice component that’s displaying a relation? I haven’t attempted this.

@Jeff_Hager to the rescue?

I did that. But I need exactly dependent lists. That is, in the first you choose a country, and in the second a city of this country.

Yes exactly! To choose the city depended on the country! and most importantly, these lists should be immediately in the form of adding, and not the first step!

Oh… I’ve tried for a couple of minutes, but didn’t achieve it.
Don’t you have this dependent drop down menus in your car templates @Robert_Petitto ?

Nope…it’s an inline list that leads to a form button.

I’m sure @Jeff_Hager has already figured it out somehow.

I advised him the same the other day. Basically a user-specific choice for the country, a relation to return the cities, then a form that captures the country and city chosen via columns component.

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I’m too mentally fried right now to try it, but is it safe to assume that the new column to column compare on a filter will not work to compare choice sheet columns to form column values?

Based on this post:

If that was possible, then it could be done in the form. Otherwise, like @ThinhDinh said, I think we are stuck making the choices outside of the form using user specific columns and a relation.

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Rest up king, let me try your suggestion later to see if it works and if there’s a workaround for that.

Actually I implemented the method I mentioned via a TeamViewer session for him the other day but seems like he still wants it to be in the form.

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Just thinking out loud though…there’s no way to do this within the form, correct, since nothing gets written to the sheet until the form is submitted?

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Yes that’s correct, as far as I’m aware. That’s why we have tried to implement a 2-step input until now, putting all the things that need relations in the 1st one.

I try to make the UX as nice as possible by showing a basic table when they go to the 2nd step (via the form button), then ask them to check the details and then submit the final order.

I am not against two steps, the first is the choice of a country with a city, and the second is the rest of the form. But then after the form is submitted, the redirect goes again to the choice of the country and city, and this is not logical. @Jeff_Hager @eltintero

Yes, I want it to be in the form, or two steps, but after sending it redirected to another page, and not to select the country again.

Right now a form will only redirect back to the page that had the form button.

Hey. Can you tell me. How to make two dependent lists if there is already data in the table ?! Example: there is “Country” - Vietnam in the table and “City” - Ho Chi Minh City. You need one drop-down list with the City and the second should show the city of Ho Chi Minh City. etc. I repeat, they are already in the table. They just need to be pulled into shape.

Take a look at the Dynamic List Filter example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/.

I already watched it. There are more fields. I have only two fields and they are already written to the table. I need to pull them into two dependent lists.

Yeah, I have some extra steps in there, but the concept is the same. Your first county selection from the country choice component would write the value to a column in the sheet, then you use that value to create a relation to the cities sheet. You would then use the relation for the second choice component of city. That’s it.

Thank you Jeff!!!
I will try as you have again. I just do not have enough knowledge in GlideApp

Thank you Jeff!!!
I will try as you have again. I just do not have enough knowledge in GlideApp

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