Multi level list item

Hi y’all! I’m Anders from Sweden, stuck in quarantine/lock down in Stockholm and using spare time to get to know Glide. It seems amazing!

One thing I’m wondering about is if it is possible to use multi-level list items? Basically I have loads of fields for each row, about 30 fields in total, and the “add” and “edit” views gets too cluttered. I’d like to separate this somehow so it’s easier for the users so see what’s going on. Say I could have three sections with 10 fields in each, for example. The sections would work best if on separate pages. I.e on the L”add” and “edit” views the user can click a button to edit a particular section, and then sees only information about that section, and after clicking “save he gets back to the main page for this item. Any idea how to do this would be greatly appreciated!!

I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but check out the Multi-Level Select example in