Need some help with categories!

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Hi guys! Not sure if i posted in correct place so apologises if i havent.

I am currently making some sort of directory app. I am having a little bit of trouble with categories ( i think! )

So. when the app is live people will be able to submit a “pin” this pin will be their business. I need a way to display this data neatly. So I thought the best way to do this is by having categories.

Say you wanted a personal trainer…

You would click… pins -> fitness -> personal trainer… -> it would then list all personal trainers for you to choose one.

Can someone help how i would display this information in a sheet? of course there will be many other categories such as: finance -> accountants -> it would then list all accountants for you to choose one.

Is this possible? hope i explained myself clearly!



Check out Multi-Level Select in

I found this helpful too.

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Thanks both!, but still very confused. Im sure I’m just being a idiot…

Where are you stuck?

@Jeff_Hager. How are you able to add a button ‘add zone’ on the Multi-level Select App screen? Looks like you are using the list layout. The add button is only available when you go into the detail screen but you’ve added it on the main layout screen. Wondering how…

It is a detail screen with a form button and an inline list using a relation. To can copy the app to see how it works.