Category with buying option

Hi All

I have made two major categories Stationary and Vehicles. In which, i have sub categories like Pencil, Eraser, Bike, Auto etc.

Problem: I want when people click on Stationary then only Pencil and Eraser should come in table to select so that they find relevant items in relevant category with buying option.

I am not able to do it. can you please help me?

Check out the Multi-Level Select example in I think that might be similar to what you are looking for. Templates with relations are your friend.

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This is not helping me as well. I have made some changes but still unable to get what i am actually looking for.

Anyone can help?

You can do that with relations.
For example, here I have 4 main categories:

Then, I have 4 different (secondary) categories (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) and you can see how I bring up only those items.

I’d suggest you take a deep dive into the documentation.
And copy the Employee’s Directory Template and see from the inside how do relations work.

May I ask why it didn’t help? It sounds like you need 2 sheets. One with a list of categories, and one with a list of items. The list if items should also have a column listing which category they being to. Then you can create a relation from categories to items by linking the categories in both sheets. You would simply show the list of categories in a tab, click to open it’s details, then add an inline list that uses the relation you created to display the related items. This is exactly what I’m doing in my multi level select example…unless I completely misunderstood what you are asking.