How do I create a more categories from the home page of my app?

Hello. I am 13 years old and I am creating an app for a school project. It will show the top 5 places to visit in my city in various categories (beaches, museums, nature, parks, farms etc).

On the homepage (of the app), I am unable to list the categories as mentioned above (beaches, museums etc) and then swipe/click on it to have the top 5 options of that specific category listed. I would also like each of the five places mentioned to have an individual page with more info.

Please help me. I have no idea what to do.

Thank you.

Essentially you need two tables. Let’s call them Locations and Categories.

Your Categories table should just have a column that lists your location categories - Beaches, Museums, etc.
Your Locations table will list all your locations. This table needs at least two columns. One for the location name and one for the location category.

Once you have those two tables setup, you’ll need to create a multiple relation column from your Categories table that links the category to the category name in your locations table.

Then on your first screen present a list of categories. This can either be a list layout, or you can use a details layout and add an inline list of categories.

The default action on the list will be to show a details screen. Don’t change that. On the details screen (the one shown after you select a category), add an Inline List component, and use your multiple relation column as the source of that inline list.

Edit: I just re-read and noticed that you mentioned that you want to show the “Top 5” in each category. That’s easy enough to do by sorting your inline list and applying a limit of 5. But it depends on how you determine the top 5. If it’s a rating or something that’s easily expressed as a number, then sorting will do it for you. If it’s something more complex, then you’d need to provide more details.

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Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate it.

Regarding the top 5 list, I have already selected the content based on online reviews

If your top 5 are pre-selected, then it’s probably easier to use a filter.
What you could do is add a boolean column to your Locations table, and set that to true for your top 5 in each category. And then filter the inline list (on the 2nd screen) such that it only shows those rows where that boolean column is true.