How to setup categorisation

(updated to fix the bullets)
I have tables with fields as follows;

  • Product
  1. Category
  2. SubCategory
  3. Location
  • Location
  1. Name
  • Category
  1. Category
  2. SubCategory

I want to create a user flow which is as follows;
List of locations > clicking on a location takes to > List of categories > clicking on categories takes to > Products

I have been able to create a single level of categorisation, Locations > Products…

Any suggestions on how to take it to 2 level categorisation?


you need to create columns to relate to next lists…
each product need to have separate column for each step…

I have the fields… just updated my post with the details… messed up the formatting earlier

There is a section in the Glide library that covers this exact scenario… (including a video guide and a sample sheet)


Hi Darren,
Thanks for the share… From what I understand, I’ll have to denormalise all the possible options… I was trying to avoid this as the data comes from elsewhere where these categories are more like tags in the system.

I don’t think so.
Any chance you can share a sheet with sample data so I can visualise it a bit better?

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 12.56.54 PM

I am trying to have List of Locations > List of Cateogries > List of items (Titles)

@RuchikaAbbi apologies, I haven’t had time to have a look at this, and unlikely that I will until tomorrow. Maybe somebody else can jump in and help out in the meantime.

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No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

@RuchikaAbbi I reproduced what you want, and showed you the solution. Hope it can help you :relaxed:


Thank you so much @Lucas_Pires This worked perfectly!
Really appreciate you taking your time for this :pray:t4:

Glide community is seriously committed to helping out!


Glad it could help you! :relaxed:


Uh oh… so it works well to one point… For some reason, when I drilldown into the Category it shows me the relevant items at the top… but as I scroll down… it shows all the other items in the category… :confounded:

Whereas when I look at the lookup and relation fields in the database… everything is fine.

Sorry, but I didn’t understand what you mean here.

Can you send a screenshot maybe?

So the items above the red line are the correct items, however below the red line are items not related to the State > Category drilldown. :thinking:

Hi Ruchika,

You may use filtering categories option to filter out the ones you dont need.

Would you like to jump on a call to solve this? Do let me know. Can DM me.

Would be faster than sending messages.

I will try my best to help.

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Hey Vijay, Thanks! Can’t come on a call… sharing the app in case anyone can help me debug :sweat_smile:

Not able to see the tabs, It asks for name and image, but after that not able to see anything.

Check for the visibility condition for the tab.