Multiple Step Forms

I’m attempting to tackle more than one city for the covid crisis. So I’d like to be able to have a page that has a list of the counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside) first then when you click into Los Angeles to can see all the cities inside of that (Santa Monica, Hollywood etc… ). Anyone know how/if I could set this up? Much appreciated. I’m only able to find the one list type setup when I look through the templates.

I think @Robert_Petitto put something similar together recently. I’ve added him, let’s see what he says.

Check out the Multi-Level Select example in

Jeff’s solution is far better than mine. My dynamic filter works well for a few items in a form button or add/edit screen.

Just reread the original post. You’re wanting more of a drill down by category. Can be achieved with just relations and inline lists, but Jeff does have an example of this in his app, yep!

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@Jeff_Hager, @Robert_Petitto - I knew it was one of you. Thanks.

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