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It might be too easy, but I am a first time user. So please bear with my naivty.
I’m creating a pet boarding app & I’ve data of different boardings under different cities in spreadsheet tabs.

I am planning to put these cities in a tile fashion on the landing page. After a user clicks the city tile, s/he be able to see the list of boardings and further details one level down.

Please help the noob!

This might be helpful for you.

For the data structure here, I would have a City sheet with all cities, then the Boarding sheet with all boardings related to those cities. Create a relation from the City to the Boarding sheet, using the city info as the link.

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Hi ThinhDinh,

If you see in the above screenshot.
I created a tab “Cities” with all city names and other tabs for multiple cities. Do you think this is the right approach?

That approach isn’t going to scale very well. Imagine what it will look like when you have hundreds of cities…

You probably should try and condense all of those named city sheets into a single sheet.

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Tried that as well.

But when i go inside the list, data is not appearing. You can see the left pane, relation is established.

What does you “Pune” table look like?

Can you show a screen shot of one of these Cities sheets please?
If we can see the structure, then we can probably offer some better advice.
Also, are all of those sheets identical in terms of structure? (ie. do they all have exactly the same columns?)

Hi Darren,

As advised, I am trying to use a single sheet for all the cities.
For, example, when I am filtering Pune. It looks like this -

Okay, that’s better.

Now, in Glide you have a table called Cities, that just lists all the city names, right?
What you need to do is create a multi-relation in that sheet that links the city name to the city name in your combined sheet.


Would be it possible for you to guide me on the multi-relation process?

Watch this… it explains it much better than I can :wink:

Haha, watched that before and that’s how I was able to reach the point where i am not able to see anything under “Pune”. The list is empty inside. I am sure, I am doing some blunder :blush:

Show me the configuration of your relation column

Here you go!

um, that looks like it’s creating a relation to itself. You should be joining to the city name in the sheet that has all the details

Eg. Boarding → City

Then you use that relation column as the source for your inline list


Apologies for bothering you too much. If you see in the left pane, Mumbai is mapped to multiple line items from the Boarding sheet but screen is still empty.

Sorry, I gave you a bum steer…

  • For the first screen, add an inline list and use your Cities table as the source
  • Tapping on a City will bring you to that screen above (View Details)
  • Add a second inline list to that screen, using the relation column as the source
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Thanks a lot Darren! This community is amazing.