How to represent 2 levels of multiple sets of data

I am building an app that will provide users with multiple multi-stop walking tours for a given Town. I am struggling with Glide trying to figure out the best way to represent two levels of multiple sets of data. Specifically, here are the categories and hierarchy of data:

Level 1: Tours – this is a list of the walking tours. For each of the tours, there is a Name, Description, Starting location, etc… Currently, I have three tours, but this will grow to 10-15 over time.

Level 2: Stops – for each named stop, there is a Picture of the stop, a Description of the stop, the Location of the stop, and the Next Stop. Currently, for the three tours, the number of stops varies from 7 to 10.

Visually, here is an outline of my current data:

Level 1: Tours
…Level 2: Stops
Lexington Battle Green
…Buckman Tavern
…Parker Statue
…Meeting House
… …
Old Burying Ground
…Childs Family Grave
…Hancock & Clarke Tabletop Grave
…Original Militia Burial Site
… …
Hancock St. Architecture
…12 Hancock Street
…​8 Goodwin Road
…16 Hancock Street​
… …

My initial strategy for my spreadsheet data was to have one sheet in a Google Spreadsheet for the list of Tours. This sheet has three rows, one for each tour.

It’s when I get to the stops for each of the multiple tours that I am getting confused. My first approach has been to have one sheet for each of the different tours. This means that there are three sheets containing the stops of the three different tours.

Stops in all three tours have the exact same style of presentation with a combination of text, images, audio, and maps.

I have successfully created the template for displaying the stops of the first tour (i.e., one of the tour/stops sheets).

Now I have discovered that there is no obvious way to apply that same template to the contents (stops) of the other two sheets.

One idea I had was to put all of the stops into one sheet and have a field that I could filter on to indicate which of the three tours a stop belonged. But that seems wrong. I like the modularization of the multiple sheets in a Google Spreadsheet and don’t like having to use this additional field to simulate multiple sheets of the same type of data.

What am I missing?


– Harry

You can use relations for this.

So Sheet 1: Tours, anything further you need for Tours.

Sheet 2: Tour, Stop of said Tour, anything further you need for Stops.

Make a relation matching multiple rows from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2, using the Tours columns. Then you can use an inline list to display the relations in a details view.


Thank you very much for helping me with this problem. I am a beginner with Glide, although I have been a programmer for 50 years. After 50 years, I have seen a lot and forgotten even more :slight_smile:.

I find that the concept of relations are a little bit difficult to understand, but I am working on it…

I think your suggestion is to have two tables: one for Tours and one that lists. all the Tour Stops, with a Tour Name column that designates the name of the tour to which the stop belongs. Is this correct?

Furthermore, I think you are saying have a new column “Stops” in the Tours table where the value is the set of Stops (rows) in the Tour Stops table which matches the value of the Tour Name of the tour.

Tours Table:
ID | Tour Name | Description | … | Stops(A relation)
01 | Alpha | Descritption Alpha | … | (Stop1, Stop2, … Stop7)
02 | Beta | Descritption Beta | … | (Stop8, Stop9, … Stop12)
03 | Gamma | Descritption Gamma | … | (Stop13, Stop14, … Stop18)

Stops Table:
ID | Tour Name | Stop Name | Description | …

My question is what do I do now? I’ve tried linking a button to the Stops multi-relation, but that doesn’t do the right thing.

I’m not sure how to proceed. Do you know of any example where a Glide app is trying to do something similar to what I am doing?


– Harry

Once you have finished creating your two data sheet 1. Tours, and 2, Stops you will need create a reference from tours to sheets.
Go into the data editor and add a reference column that matches multiple items that Tour Name Column to the (Tour Column) in the stops sheet.

You will need a third sheet that is called say Home Page
You can list the columns to be. Welcome Mesage, Today’s date, Description, Logo, About, Contact us etc. Basically anything you want to present on your home page on your app. (Set your home page to details layout view in glide)

Then on the home page you may want to add a component that points to all your Tours. So when the click the Tours list component they will get to see a list of all tours. When they click tours they will see a list of all stops.

Adittionally, When you open up a tour you can add a map component that list all your stops so people can see the details.
Or you can do a screen link to a google map that has all the points already programmed.

Hope this helps. Welcome back to programming. No code style.