Multiple relations, how to show?

Hello, I have a question since I cannot understand a part of multiple relationships, I am putting together an app for golf tournaments.
I have a sheet called calendar where the administrator creates the tournaments and it is generated with an ID with special value so that each card that is loaded in that tournament carries the ID field in another spreadsheet, with that I want, if possible, in another sheet uses the ID for the multiple relation and does lookups of certain columns like name, scores and with that data generate a table of positions. Is it possible that in a lookup with several data can generate a way to display them and then with the filter order them ???

Thank you.

So what you want is when you click on a tournament, a table will show up containing the records of golfers, and you can sort/filter that?

I don’t think that’s currently possible, in that “table” sense we usually see in sports apps. However you can link each tournament to that same multiple relation, and you can sort/filter that using the options provided by Glide.

What I would like to do, knowing the many limitations that GLIDE has for now, is in a list formatted TAB with one line per tournament using the tournament ID, when I click on one of the lines, I would like another sheet to open in compact format, where all the players who participated in the tournament (using the title field) and their score (using the detail field) appear, I would like them to be ordered by their score and to see the complete data when clicking, the card of Complete game as created by the scoreboard player.
In the capture that I attach the column N ° is the ID of the Tournament, the second is on the court that was played, the third is the user who created the card while the fourth is the players and finally the score.
It remains to add the date and name of the tournament.
Everything is done based on the relationship of the tournament ID between this sheet and the sheet where the scores are entered.
Specifically, I want to know how the data can be (if possible) displayed.
The main TAB in list format would be using the field name, date and tournament name, and clicking to show the player’s name and score.
Otherwise you should think about showing on the other hand, putting together a website to put together to make a link, with the problem of having to do that manually and that the mathematical process carried out in GLIDE and its results cannot be exported, which is why I understand you should do all the processes 2 times.

I accept suggestions, so I can finish the application. Thank you.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you want, you should be able to start with your list of tournaments, click on the tournament to view the details, then show an inline list in the tournament details using the relation to the player data. You can then display any of the info you need in the list and you can filter and sort it however you want.

It doesn’t work, because it shows me a single card instead of the listing.
In the first capture, the column N ° is the tournament ID, a different unique value for each tournament.
“RELACION BASE” is the relation with the sheet where the results are located, one line for each card, in “JUGADORES” I bring the names of the players of the “RELACION BASE” and the remaining columns the scores.
What I would like is to be able to show on the screen using the compact layout the list of tournaments, which turns out well, now when one clicks on the tournament I would like to put a basic table with the tournament data and below the list with all the players who participated in a compact format with the name and surname of each and their score. To be able to index the results and when clicking on any player show the results in detail, hole scores for today, etc.

Can’t you just add an inline list on the tournament details page that uses the RELACION BASE as it’s source? I’m not sure what your are showing with your screenshots because I can’t see your entire sheet structure or how your relations are set up. If I’m thinking correctly you don’t need any of the lookup columns. I’m assuming that you are showing two screenshots from the tournament sheet. Any additional screenshots of your app and sheet data do help a lot to understand.

I have organized the application on several sheets.
I have the Users sheet where the personal data of each user is.
In “CALENDAR” the Club administrator creates the tournaments giving them certain parameters of the game form.
In “BASE” is where the user enters the hole-by-hole scores of the player and himself and all calculations are performed depending on the form of play. This sheet has 1000+ columns.
So I want to put in another sheet “RESULTS” to copy the final results there to show the results instead of having to do a webview of a Google Sheets sheet. So it occurred to me that there I could do, as shown in the screenshots the relationship and the lookup

I still don’t have a clear picture, but I imagine you would need to place a relation a lookup in the BASE sheet to get the player name and any other info you need. In the results sheet, you would simply create a relation to BASE, which you have. Then display the relation as an inline list. I’m not clear if your BASE sheet contains multiple player data in one row or not, but I think it would have to be a row for each player to work correctly. Again, as many screenshots or videos or your sheet layout and app layout that you can provide does help a lot to give you a proper answer. Even better a link to the published url of the app so we can take a look helps too.

URL ->

The problem with the inline list is that only the cards loaded by the user appear and I don’t know how to show all the cards.
In the BASE spreadsheet is where each user loads the scores to be loaded and where the results calculations are made. This spreadsheet is fed from data from other spreadsheets, from one of the players’ data (name and surname, handicap index and what relationship it has with the club), the golf course data comes from another spreadsheet (Information from the holes such as par, distance and the data to obtain the player’s playing handicap) and finally from a third spreadsheet the tournament data (date, name, game format and number of players per line).
In this last spreadsheet is where when the administrator creates a new tournament a “Special Value - Unique identifier” is automatically generated, which is the tournament ID to internally identify the tournament, that value is copied to the base spreadsheet via a lookup . Currently to make the presentation of tournaments I have to copy to another file (using importrange) and show them with a webview, but the generation is not automatic, an uncomfortable situation if I manage to install the application in several institutions.

Hi Jeff, I saw that a user entered with the mail, could you see the application? Any questions or do you want more information about the application?

Thank you.

At the moment no. I’m on vacation now, so it will be awhile before I can properly try to interpret your problem.

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Enjoy your vacation, thanks.

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