New to Glide - Trouble with Relations

I have a long-existing sheet that includes these fields: Player, Date, Event, Score, Course.

I assume it is best to create tabs for each of the above, correct? Then make the columns of each as follows:

PLAYER= Name, Email
EVENT= Event Name, Date, Course, Player(s), Par
SCORE= Player, Event, Score
COURSE= Course Name, Par

As the original sheet had some calculations in it as well, another tab would be needed for

STATS= events played, Handicap, rating, averages

Ultimately, I want to be able to list events, then drill down to their results and who played them
Similarly, Players would list events played, then score for that event.

I’ve gotten stumped on relationship fields though … how to set them up, etc.

I am also posting because all this may not even be possible. Has anyone seen a similar golf league type application as this?

I found the Glide app only a couple of days ago so I am truly a novice and learning, but really love what I’ve seen so far! Thanks in advance for any helpful hints in the right direction.

Here is one way to do it.

If the current spreadsheet has a single sheet that has columns for Player, Date, Event, Score, Course you would leave that sheet alone for now.

You would add/create sheets with Players info, Events info. Those three sheets would hold all your data I believe. You would then create a 4th sheet that would have a row for each player. The first x number of columns would just be copied from the Players sheet. After those columns would be your calculations.

Create the spreadsheet first before you even start to build the Glide app.

That is where I would start.

Thanks George.

That is how I started, then branched out to new tabs for each. I believe I am stumbling with column and how they related. Say, for example, in the “player_info” tab I have a a “divisions” field to show their respective division. I also have a “Divisions” tab that lists all available divisions. How would I connect the two divisions fields? If I add a now player how could I select their divisions from the ones available?

You would create another sheet for Divisions. If the divisions are simply something link Division 1, Division 2, Or Mini, Small, Medium, Large (simple lists) the sheet would have one column. Then you would put a choice component on the page where you enter new players that points to this sheet and this single column.

That would be it. If however you have more info about a division like
Mini, “35 to 60 pounds”
Small, “61 to 90 pounds”

You would still have the sheet but it would have two columns. The choice component would be the same but if somewhere you wanted to see the info in the second column, that is where you would create the relation and lookup in the Data module to see that other info.

OMG! That is too simple! I have been working in another direction and have not researched the choice component yet. I think I see some daylight now! Thank you.