Event + Players + Scores

In the EVENTS tab I want to list all events, then once the event has finished my desire is the show the PLAYERS and their SCORE in a list (underneath).

The issue I am running into is showing the players/scores for only that event. It can be filtered, but is there a way to show only the players of that event without filtering?? (the extra step of filtering results may be beyond many of my user’s capabilities)

Do you ever want to show the results of more than one event, or only the current event?

There would be multiple events, therefore, each event should reflect only the scores of its participants.

Would the participants ever be in more than one event?


Is each event in its own sheet within Google Sheets with players/scores in rows?

As I am new to Glideapps, I am learning. I think I am now on my 3rd try on formulating the best tab set up to use. My set tab set up:
PLAYERS = Player Name + Email + Cell
EVENTS = Event Name + Date/Time + Location
SCORES = Player Name + Event Name + Score

Player Name & Event Name are related fields.

Therefore, no, I do not have each event as a separate tab. That scenario has not come to mind as I am allowing events to be added, I would not be able to do that with a new tab, could I?

Okay…I’m thinking this might work:

Hide the Scores Tab.
Create a multiple relation between the Events and Scores tabs using Event Name
On the Events page (which I assume is an inline list), select an event and in the event details layout, include an inline list of the relation you just created.

I may have visited that option before. I get an inline list of “3 items” which includes results from different events. To try and get past this, I created a simple glideapp for testing … v5uti.glideapp.io

Ah…dont do a “List relation” component. Use an “inline list” component

Am still receiving other event scores in list other than the selected event.

Are there variables in the filter feature I may be missing so the records returned match the selected event? Personally, I prefer not to use a filter, thus, the reason behind this thread.

Did you do the relation column first? If so, make sure your inline list is referencing the relation, not the scores sheet.

I thought, pretty sure, I did! Still showing all. I’ve bounced it around so many times I’m bug-eyed. I can’t make it happen. Think I may need to put it away for a sec, and refresh.

Can you take a few screenshots of the inline list component ?

Finally, I think I got it. Check the Events icon, click on the event and it shows the scores for that event only.

Whew! A small step, but this allows progress for future steps! Thank for your assistance and patience.

Nice. I’d love to see your finished app. Here’s the one I’m using for gamification:

Very nice! Light years ahead of my abilities. Once I’m not too embarrassed to share my final project, I’ll forward a link.

I’d like to create a golf scoring app.
18 holes 4 players
Input score for each hole
Input additional scoring
summarize each hole score
keep running total

I believe each column in my spreadsheet is a hole.
I want to input and then move to the next hole.
Repeat till end

I believe the right structure for your scoring sheet should be.

Hole | Player | Score | Additional Scoring

What would this be used for?