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Hi, I’d like to create a live leaderboard for my players. I watched this video: 🥇 Creating Private Leaderboards.

But I’m doing something wrong. I only see 1 player (the person who is “viewing as”). How do I see all players’ scores on the same tab?

Thank you!

If I understand well, you have to set the user profiles sheet first so will appear the rest of emails

Make sure you’re using an inline list and not a details view of the signed in user. Hard to tell where you’re at without screenshots/screencast. Mind sending some our way?

Does this help? from my Google Sheet. Managing a golf tournament. I’d like to show a leaderboard that shows name (column c) with associated score (highlighted, column fm)

Sounds like all you need is an inline list of this sheet with the name as the title and the score as the details. Typically I make my leaderboards have an Action: none.

That’s a seriously scary number of columns you have there, Pete.
You are aware that you can do calculations with Glide columns, yes?
Doing calculations in Glide instead of the GSheet will make your app perform much better, as you won’t have to rely on data syncing back and forth all the time.

Yeah, I knew you were gonna bust me on that. Ha! I’m just a beginner. I’m sooo sure there’s a more efficient way to do what I want to do … I just don’t know how to do it. I’m managing a 16-person golf tournament, each golfer enters their gross score on each of 72 holes and I have the Google Sheet then using that score to play 4 different games (low net score, low net team score, skins and individual player vs. player matches all weekend long)

Sounds like I’m close, but I only see my name and score, not all 16 of the players and their score.

If you’re using Row owner, it will appear only you (current user)

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heh, no worries - we all have to start somewhere :slight_smile:
I’m also a golfer (and have my own golf app), so I’m always interested when I see others building golf related apps. Feel free to give a shout whenever you need some help with anything.

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