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Hello awesome gliders,

Rob Pettito made a cool video about leaderboards. He though enters the number of points in the user spreadsheet as opposed to the sign in users. In my app though it does not work if the sign in user enters the points and also points are rarely going to be entered in a users sheet.
In my App, I have a tab in the data editor which is a Math column and in this column the number of points are tallied. I want to try to do what Robert did and for that I need to bring this same Math column to the user’s columns so that I can see each user’s points on the Math column. So my question is, how do I do this? can you explain step by step?

So, the math column has the point tally rather than a number column? That’s perfectly doable. Does the sheet with the math column also contain user emails/ids?

If so, just create the leaderboard columns in THAT sheet and display THAT sheet in an inline list.

Hi Rob thank you for your reply, but the problem is bringing the math column (the math column is multiplying values from 2 other columns) to the user sheet. How do you do this?

Can you take a screenshot of your sheet with the math columns?

That’s what I was afraid of. Is there only ever going to be ONE row of data in that entire sheet? If so, you can’t use it for a leaderboard.

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You were right, I had to put more rows even though it was the same information. I was then able to bring that math column as a rollup column but then all the users have the same information. What can I do so that I can see each user’s points?