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Hey everyone! I’ve been going through all the topics, videos and anything else I can get my hands on but I just can’t figure out how to do this and I’m beginning to think it’s not possible just based off what I’ve read.

I am trying to create an app that allows users to select different metrics that are being stored in user specific columns. Based on the metrics each user chooses they are awarded different points.
Is there a way to take those accumulated user specific points and display them all for everyone to see like a leaderboard or ranking system?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Sounds like you may be better off storing your values in a user profile table in normal basic columns instead of using user specific columns.

Thanks for responding so quick Jeff! I tried that and I don’t think I explained what I am trying to do very well or what I tried was wrong.

In the app we are trying to predict how well a teams offense and defense will do in their weekly game. Both in Offense and Defense there are approx 7 individual metrics the user needs to predict, so each user ends up with approx 14 choices per week that are user specific.

Based on those predications it will then determine the point value each individual receives. For example if you were predicting a QB total yards thrown and chose the choice listed as between 200-300 yards then you would receive 3 points and if you were wrong you would receive 0 points. Each of the total 14 choices have between 3-7 predictions they can choose from. So someone could predict 50 points but at the end of the game could only end up with 20 total points because they didn’t predict everything correctly.

I tried adding the metrics to the users table and then had the choices write to the normal column for the user prediction however whatever I predicated for 1 player became the choice for all players.

Looking forward to your insight.

Is your screen filtered by signed in user? Assuming you are using the user profile table, with all of your users listed with email addresses, you should be able to filter the screen so they see their own row and then they update their own values in their own row. What it sounds like is that you are not filtering the screen, so all users are seeing the same row (most likely the first row).


Do you have a table where every prediction has the predictors email so only they can see it (set a visibility rule in the e.g. list)? Having entries as new rows makes you also much more flexible with calculations etc. than having everything in the user table.

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Hey Jeff,
No the screen was not filtered by signed in user. I went and filtered by signed in user and then the options were restricted to just the one option in that row. Not sure what I did wrong there but going through each user the only values that show up are the values within that row of the signed in user and not all of the options.

Hey Christian,
I do have a separate table that I had started with that had all the predictions but no it did not have the predictors emails, just user specific columns that were then tied to each user. This way worked in order to get each users predictions but it is making it impossible to add up all the points and have a leaderboard for all users

That’s expected. Your options should be in a separate table that is not filtered.

I’ve just read through all the posts in this thread and I get the feeling that you’ve made this a little more complicated than it needs to be. Jeff is pointing you in the right direction, but maybe you aren’t quite following him.

Would you mind sharing a couple of screen shots of your data tables (from the Glide Data Editor) so that we can get a better visual?

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I very much could be making this more complicated than I need to, thats for sure. I’ve been basically piecemealing the app based off different videos and templates I’ve found online.
I’ve attached 3 screenshots, the first two screenshots are from the version of my app where the items work but just don’t allow me to calculate all users points to add them up into a scoreboard. The third one is where I thought I was doing what Jeff mentioned and added all choices to my User Tab. Please let me know if you’d like more screenshots or something else. I appreciate all the help so far.

Your choices can be on a separate table. I usually have a ‘Choices’ table that contains values used for choice components. What I’m saying is that when a user chooses an item from a choice component, it should write the selected value to a column in the user table. It seems like you you are dual purposing your user table right now to hold user records as well as available choices that are used as the source of your choice component. They should be separate tables. The user table should hold the selected choices, not the available choices.

You first need to move your choices to a separate table.
Then you need to choose if you want to write each user’s selected choice to the user table, or write them to the gameplay table in non-user specific columns, with a row for each user (should have an email column in the gameplay table).

The version that “worked” only worked because each user was sharing the same rows by using user specific columns. Values in user specific columns can only be viewed by the user who entered the value. So in your case, you can’t use user specific columns and instead need to have a row for each user. You do that by filling values in a user’s user profile row, or have a table with an email column so you can identify which row belongs to which user. That way users can still populate their own row, but it’s still visible to everyone, and you can then create your leaderboard.


Thanks everyone,
I know I’m making this way harder than it needs to be, I’m so confused now, everything I’m trying to follow just isn’t making sense. Going to try and work on this tomorrow and see if I can’t figure all this out. I moved the choices to a separate table, I used a user table to write the data into and for whatever reason I couldn’t even select a choice. I might have to just scrap the whole thing and start over with all this info you guys have shared with me.

In case you haven’t yet, I recommend reading this and watching the video.

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