🥇 Creating Private Leaderboards

Hey all!

I had a request from a Glide user the other day and how to create private leader boards in an app. I managed to figure it out and thought that this community could benefit from the logic.

Take a look!


Nice thank for sharing @Robert_Petitto

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Can I have a link to the app

Great stuff from you as always.
Just a quick question that I can’t wrap my head around.
Why do you have a relation to the same item in the same tab? I mean, not in this specific case, but in general… what does that allow you to achieve?

I do it every so often to create a single component / lookup using that tab’s data (avoids the need to create a new tab with similar data for relations/lookups). I usually do it to create an inline list of a single item, place it in cards/tiles view, and display the information.

Prior to inline list > Action > Link to screen, the details view of said inline list would loop back to same screen, so I used to always say Action -> None. But now we can link that item in the list to a new screen to prevent the looping.

Here’s an example of a single tile view from a relate to self:

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Avant this be used to create a kind of group chat

Sure could!


Looking forward to it :+1: :+1:

Hello Robert,
Thanks as ususal !

I just don’t get what is this relation :

From where ? and how do you make it ? :slight_smile:

Maybe it is possible to have the link of your app ? :grimacing: :slight_smile:

I can’t share the app as it belongs to one of my clients. I mentioned this relation in the video—its a relation from the user email to the email address of joining/creating a leaderboard.

Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:
I just dont understand how you create that rel_leaderboardS that is your bottom inline list.

I guess it would be that one :

But you don’t show how you make it :sweat: i think

I do…but here’s a further explanation:

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Got it, Thanks a lot Robert

My leaderboard works, and i am trying now to be able to eliminate choices when they were selected before, in my different leaderboards (like party). :sweat_smile:
I am trying to use your method : How to eliminate choices after they've been selected: Many-to-many relations)

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But i can’t figured out how to turn that pattern : email - team1 to that pattern : email - team 1 - leaderboard (here in your tuto)
We would need some leaderboard dynamics data i guess.

Any idea ? :smiley:

Maybe another challenge for @Robert_Petitto = Glide god! :innocent:

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I was the one who made the consultation, I appreciate the presentation but it is not the solution I need because the logic is different, added to the fact that the results of mathematical operations carried out in GLIDE cannot be exported, it is making me rethink the use of GLIDE or look for another similar solution.
What I need is when generating a new tournament, in addition to various data, a tournament ID is generated as a single value. Then the players load the scores of each hole in a sheet to load the scores, using a row for each one and through a lookup of the relationship with the tournament listing sheet I bring the tournament ID in each row.
What I want to do is in the same sheet or another group by tournament ID all the players and their scores and be able to show the data sorted by scores.
GLIDE seems to me an excellent way to enter the data, so I will see how to use it as a “data entry” and I will have to see other options for the treatment of the generated data.
Thanks again.

what if the admin joins the group again with his own invite code how to prevent this

Hm. There isn’t because Glide doesn’t have data validation.

hi @Robert_Petitto i just found out that users can add other users to a group
i made a form to add another user to group and only two text entries which where the email(of the user they want to add not thiers) and invitecode and it worked

Yep that should work!

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i have one problem i do not want users to create more than 2 groups unless they are admin