Having difficulties making a leaderboard

Hey, i’m new on glide and i would like to make an exercice for myself, make a leaderboard.

Let me explain: in tab 1 I have user names that are ordered from the one with the most commands to the one with the least. The problem is that I can’t do a ranking from this tab because there is a row owner that prevents me from being able to show everyone’s ranking to all users. So I decided to create a second tab in which I rewrite all the users names but I can’t put in the second table their ranking index.

Would anyone have another approach to my problem or know how to recall a value used in one tab in another tab.

Thank you in advance to those who can help me.

How can i select the value i’m looking for

The problem you have though is that you are using row owners in tab1 one. Your lookup column pulls in all rankings, but in reality it won’t in the app. Rows under row ownership won’t be downloaded on the end user device, so at most, that lookup I’ll only return one array value for the signed in user.

I guess the first question is, do you really need row owners on tab 1? Maybe you’ll end up having data that needs to be protected and need row owners, but it’s hard to tell in your example. My first thought would be to split bup your data. Have a user table (tab1), but also have your second table, like you already do, and move that formula to that table instead.

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Thank you for your answer, i removed row owner and now everything is good :slight_smile:

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in case it helps:

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Very good video that resume all, thank you so much

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