Ranking with row owners

Hi guys,

I’ve just watched Robert’s video on how to create a ranked leaderboard. Thanks it helped me a lot.

I’m building a conference app making it possible for users to register to a wide range of events.

Profils tab is where users are listed when creating their account. On this one, I’m using “row owner” so they can only get access to events they registered for. They can also track the type of contents they are most interested in. Plus all users get a certain number of points regarding the events they have attended. (screenshots 1 +2)

Here comes the leaderboard.

Problem is: I can’t display the leaderboard on my app. The number of points remains only visible for the user. I think “row owner” is the reason why.

Thus, I created a copy of “profils” named “classement” (screenshot 3) where there is no “row owner” option and a good ranking system. The leaderboard doesn’t display tho and I can’t figure out why.

How can I do?

Many thanks for your help.

Cheers from France.
Uploading: screenshot 3.png…

Can you explain how you made this copy, and how it is kept updated?
Note that if you have any computed columns in this table that reference other tables that have row owners applied, then it almost certainly won’t work.

btw… looks like your 3rd screen shot didn’t upload properly - can you try again?

Thanks Darren.

I made a copy of the table and I was thinking about an ARRAYFORMULA to keep it updated. I might be wrong.
You right, the ranking column references the other table that have row owners applied. Anyway you made a point. How can I do to make it work?

Thanks for your help.

The 3rd screen shot is attached.

I think the big challenge here is that the below statement contradicts the idea of a public leaderboard…

If the leaderboard is based on event data, but you want to keep event data hidden, then you have two conflicting goals :slight_smile:

So maybe you need to take a step back first and have think about which of those two goals is more important? Is it absolutely critical that users have no way to access event data for other users, or would it be good enough just to keep it hidden from view (ie. do you actually need row owners, or would visibility conditions be good enough?)

If you really want to try and get the best of both worlds, then what I think you would need to do is also make a “public” copy of your event data that exposes the minimum number of columns needed to recreate the logic to produce the leaderboard. And so instead of having all your leaderboard data protected by row owners, it could be calculated based on the “public” copy of the data.

But this might defeat your goal of keeping event data private. I don’t know, only you can decide that.

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