Groups on an app

has anyone figured out how to host different groups of people on one app where they only see items for their group? for instance an app for company lunch requests. many companies can join and many employees of companies can join but you only see the options for lunch for your company


If you have sheet that lists company and employees, then you can create a relation from the company column in the lunch sheet to the company column in the company/employee sheet. Then create a lookup of emails from the relation. Use the lookup for filtering by signed in user.


I’d like this function as well. Is it possible for one user to “invite” another user into a group rather than have a pre-made list of people who would be in the group?

I would think so. User A could submit a form and select a user from list of choices. Using relations to that form response sheet, you could set visibility or filtering to show that group to the new user once they are invited.

you can create that with @Robert_Petitto method of creating private leaderboards


Did you ever figure your request out? I am trying to create groups of different mentoring organizations that allows them to see posts related to the private group, but have the option of posting in the general community as well.