Groups and events

Hey all. I want to create a groups function for my users. Basically a user can create a group that any other user can then join. Groups will have events. I want the signed-in user to only be able to see events for the groups they belong to. Is this functionality possible?

Not as of yet as a native and simple Glide feature. I know a few folks have done something of a workaround by creating email arrays that get attached to the rows as groups. I have never tried something like that, maybe someone who has can chime in.

If your primary sheet is a list of users (emails), then you can set user per user data so each user sees only their own row item. Then you can assign each user a group and use that group as a relation to another sheet that contains whatever group related data you need (such as events). If a user can can belong to multiple groups, then I would start looking at using the Lookup Column. Create a sheet that lists users and groups. If a user belongs to multiple groups, then they will need a row for each group they belong to. Set up a relation column in the main Users sheet to the Group sheet, then set up a lookup column that uses the relation to grab the group name. Then create another relation from the main users sheet to the events sheet that uses the results from the lookup column. I think this should get you what you want.

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somehow I missed this response, therefore, my apologies for late response. This is awesome and I look forward to giving this my best shot!

ok im really struggling to implement this - is there a way I could invite you to my app and you could help me? im willing to pay a small fee!

Do you have a copy of your sheet with any personal info removed? I can maybe take a look at that and throw together a simple app.


Thanks for offering to help a copy
Of my sheet is here ā€¦

I finally have a chance to sit down and look at this. One quick question, do you need a list of all users that are in a group to be shown in the sheet? Iā€™m trying to implement this using Favorites, which I think would work fine, unless you need to see who belongs to which group.

This is what I have so far.