Show an item to a group that an individual selected

Hi there – I’m building a menu planning app that allows family members to log in and add the meals they want to make. There would be multiple families, but I want each user to only see data for the family they are in.

Problem: I want a user to be able to select meals that their whole family can see on their dashboard. I got it working for an individual to select meals for themself – but not the whole family. Any ideas on how I could get this to work?

As long as you have the relation between the family and all individuals, you can make a lookup of the family name using individuals’ emails, then either create a relation from the family sheet to menus sheet, or apply appropriate filtering to show the right menu to the right family.

The other thing is I want the ability for families to be able to pick the same meal. Bases on a users membership in a family they can turn on meals (and turn off) that the whole family would see.

I’m trying to use relation and lookup in the way you describe but it is only showing what the one user picked…

Here is the app if you want to take a look. My tabs and columns are a bit all over the place because I was trying different things: