Filtering Application

I am making an app for my restaurant that is able to filter down menu items based on the allergies they contain. We would like users to have accounts with associated allergies so they can see their own custom menu every time they open the app. Is this possible with glide?

Sure is!

Thanks for the quick response! I’m still learning table relations and more pieces of the puzzle are coming together, but making sure that I can actually do it is important for me

I am having trouble showing dishes that DO NOT contain allergies for different people. I can only get it to show dishes that DO contain allergies that people cannot have. Do I instead have to associate the users with every single ingredient they CAN eat and filter by that?

That would be one solution or reverse your logic (where email is NOT signed in user). I’ve been experiencing something similar with one of my apps. My logic is showing the opposite of what I want. Looks like I have to think of it backwards by allowing users to see the blank columns, not ones that actually have value assigned. Let me know if you need help.

Have you gotten this to work? I am still trying to sort this out

I have. I ended up having to create two lists because I couldn’t filter both by checked and unchecked simultaneously.

But also, your situation is a bit different than mine. I’m happy to help if you’d like assistance.

I actually just found a way to do it! Thanks for the quick response. It just involves putting in a lookup table and filtering by email being NOT user.

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