How to filter by signed-in user - Glide doesn't show automatically created Users relation column

I can’t figure out how to do this… I need to use an Inline list filtered by signed-in user, to show only products that belong to categories the user defined as his favorites.
For example:
I am interested in Literature in Portuguese / Music / Architecture.
When I open the app, I will see the New products that arrived, filtered by the categories that I’m interested in.

I thought I could use the automatically created “User relation” column,

but this column isn’t listed as a choice in the “User email” menu.

My app:
Google sheet:

I’ve hit this wall as well, but I’m taking a slightly different approach. I’m building a delimited list of emails in one column, so the list looks like this:|| I was hoping to use a Contains filter, but I can’t access the logged in users email for the filter. I’m wondering if my method would work for Per User Sata, since it would be an accessible column. I might have to try it later. I think in your case, reference columns aren’t accessible for some uses.

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