[Video Tutorial] Always show the last 4 items in your home screen

Hello Glide comunity,

Today I’ll teach you how to always show the latest 4 items in your homescreen of your Glide app using a few formulas on your spreadsheets

The formulas i use in the video are:

=ARRAYFORMULA(if($E2:$E = index($E$2:$E, COUNTA($E$2:$E)),“TRUE”, ) & ARRAYFORMULA(if($E2:$E = index($E$2:$E, COUNTA($E$2:$E)-1),“TRUE”, )) & ARRAYFORMULA(if($E2:$E = index($E$2:$E, COUNTA($E$2:$E)-2),“TRUE”, )) & ARRAYFORMULA(if($E2:$E = index($E$2:$E, COUNTA($E$2:$E)-3),“TRUE”, )))

The explanation is:

if($E2:$E = index($E$2:$E, COUNTA($E$2:$E)),“TRUE”, )
If any item of the “E” column is equal to the last item of the same “E” column then return TRUE, and if not, just leave it empty.

This will count all the populated cells in the “E” column starting from “E2”

index($E$2:$E, COUNTA($E$2:$E)-1)
Here we are getting the last value -1 of the “E” column. Index shows the value of a cell in a range, in this case column “E”, and the row is calculated by COUNTA but -1.


Great work, thanks for sharing :smiley:

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Why you not make new sheet tab, then just use query, order by timestamp and limit 4


Agreed that is what I have used.


because then i would have to create another sheet tab for every category i have and it’s just annoying to have too much sheet tabs haha