Inline List Limit to Last (n) entries

I know you can do this through Spreadsheet Magic. But this is the Feature Request forum and I would love for Glide to have an option.

I would like to have the ability to limit my inline list to the last (n) entries.

Together with SORT, this could be good to show the last week of events for example.

Or the last 5 votes from a form.
See this app and choose the “Latest” sort.
It will show ALL of them, but I would like to be able to tell Glide to take the last 5 while sorting the sheet by timestamp.
So I did some Spreadsheet Magic to show the Last 5. (Choose that from the list)

I have a mileage tracker app, and I have done the Spreadsheet Magic to get it to show the last week of my mileage entries. But I would prefer to be able to just say, show the last 10 entries or so in glide…

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Or the first (n) number. :slight_smile:

Ha! Good point.

I was figuring with the sorts the last and first would be reversed/interchangeable. Maybe?

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Potentially. I was thinking of a situation with sorting alphabetically and displaying the first 5. Otherwise it would be sorted Z-A and showing the last 5 would be in. E, D, C, B, A order.

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This gets me wondering if you could just a random ONE of the items in a list.

Using the Sort (random) and just showing the ONE.

(Again, I did it using spreadsheet magic here:

There is a button to Update the app, it only submits the timestamp to a sheet, thus choosing a different RANDOM verse from a list.

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I’ve though a single list item combined with random sorting could make for a quick and dirty ad banner.

This is what I am thinking:

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