"Only show a few items" (now with See All!)

Great. :frowning: I don’t imagine this is a bug but rather a new feature pushed today. Except for those of us who were using it with the Random Sort parameter to show only 4 items in a sort of Showcase of random content from the full set, this new See All (which adds a line of space above the tile set to fit it), sort of hurts design. You wouldn’t happen to be adding a feature any time soon to hide that See All, would you?

In the interim, any folks have suggestions for how to only show a random four items from a larger sheet in a horizontal tileset without a See All. Randomly changing ever few minutes. I used to do this in my sheets with RAND a few columns and calculations… but when random sorting was introduced here, I got rid of those columns and formulas, since they were a drag on my sheet.

I guess I will build a solution within my sheets again unless I hear from a dev that this See All is either going to be removable soon or this particular See All isn’t actually intended to be there and will be fixed. Would love to know before I jump into formulas and RAND and whatnot. I’m trying to think if there’s a way to create a randomly changing relation of only four items from a sheet… with some kind of filter, rollup column maybe? I’d prefer to keep something like this in Glide, but I’m thinking it’s not possible. @Jeff_Hager any thoughts? I feel like if it was possible with relations and templates and rollups, you’d know.

The See All is super handy when displaying the top 4-5 users of a leaderboard…but likewise, in an app I’m developing for a client, the See All is not desired. The client only wants the NEXT 4 displayed (drip-fed content) and does not want the user to be able to skip ahead.

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Did you recently exceed the 12 or so records that trigger the See All? How did it work for you before? Were you showing 4 items on screen, but with a horizontal scroll and there were actually more records off screen? I feel like it’s always been this way.

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No, it wasn’t in Horizontal scroll. It was in Vertical with the additional option selected: “Only show a few items” which you only get in Vertical. That will display only the first 4 items from the sort… regardless of the length of the sheet. Before it was just a clean 4 items. And now it’s 4 items with a “See All” link in the upper corner exactly like a Horizontal Scroll of more than 12 items in the sheet. Which hurts the design of the page I’m using it. I was using it to show 4 random items from the sheet in a sort of showcase at the top of the screen. But @Robert_Petitto’s use case is legit too. Just showing the last four items in a sheet without giving the user the option to see the full sheet… or perhaps not in that particular spot.

I can almost confirm that the See All option has been showing on a vertical list set to show only a few items for at least a month as I’ve been playing with it lately, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a new option. Maybe it was a bug before that they fixed??? Not sure.

Like you, I would definitely like to see an option to select the number of items shown in a list and only restrict it without the option to see all. I’ve always thought this would work great with the built in random sort for showing ad’s.

The only thought I have is what you were already thinking with some sort of RAND function in the sheet and a filter in glide. I think ultimately this can’t be done in glide. Especially randomly, because there is no way to randomly assign a value to a row column, such as an incrementing number, to be able to then filter a certain range of numbers for your list.

It’s definitely new. I’ve had a list of four icons at the top of a screen in my app for months, displayed as a sort of rotating banner of four icons. I look at that screen daily and two days ago was the first time ever that the list was pushed down and that See All was there. Blatantly obvious to me and my app users based on how I had been using it since pretty much the moment they introduced “show only a few items”. Could any devs perhaps chime in and let us know if this is here to stay? If it is, I will start work on an in sheets solution to get back a RAND set of four tiles with no See All. I don’t mind. But I would hate to do that work only to learn it is going away again in an upcoming release. Not to mention the fact that RAND is a drag on a sheet. @Mark, @david, @Jason? Anyone?

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Sorry, the fact that it wasn’t showing “See All” when no label was set was actually a bug that we fixed. We didn’t know you depended on it.

I hope we’ll have a better way to allow you to express what you want sometime soon.


Ah! Well that explains @Jeff_Hager and me having different experiences with the same component. I’ll build a solution in sheets. Please anyone reading this thread in the future let us know if a future feature does come in that gives us a way to do this again.

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@Robert_Petitto for your client’s app that you were using this component to only show the last four items, a solution is pretty straightforward with sheets. Create another column and use a SORT Formula there to display a sorted duplicate of whichever column contains the numerically ordered IDs for that sheet’s content… sort it in descending order (flipped). That will give the last four pieces of content in the sheet new IDs of 4,3,2 and 1. Then filter the inline list component by that column so that it only displays content if the ID of that new sorted row is <= 4. It’ll henceforth only ever show the last four piece of content from that column which won’t trigger the See All link to show.

Thanks John!

It would be a bit trickier than that because there are many users in that list and each user should only see 4 rows, but it’s not impossible…I’d just use a ranking formula that references the userID.

The Client doesn’t seem to mind the see all for now, but your reply here gave me an idea for an alternative. Thanks!

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