Update to horizontal inline lists

You can now choose the maximum number of items that will show in horizontal scrolling lists. This allows you to:

  1. Control whether when/if you will show the ‘See all’ button
  2. Create horizontal lists that scroll indefinitely and never trigger a separate ‘See all’ screen.

Thanks @JackVaughan @david @Mark
and all other glide team members

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For the future, it might be nice to be able to disable the see all option. I think it could be useful to be able to sort a list randomly, but only show one list item. This could be used for an advertisement like experience, or a show a random image, or quote, etc. Without the need to see all of the underlying list items.


Is only show 1 item not the same?

It works, but you would still see the ‘See All’ text.

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Ah right!

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I guess hide the see all text using css?

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I suppose that could work for the interim. I don’t have a particular use case myself, but I know I’ve seen a few posts regarding this functionality. Actually just referenced a previous post to this one about the same subject.

I have reservations about injecting CSS as a long term solution (in case it stops working), but as long as there is a back up plan, I don’t see a problem with it.

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Slight tangent, but it would be really cool if we could limit the # of items displayed on a chart, similarly to this feature.

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Do you mean the legend underneath?

Essentially just being able to put a limit on the number of values that is displayed on a chart. Bar charts seem to break when they have to display more than 30-odd values, IIRC


How do you use CSS to hide the “See all” text?

display: none

Can you try this?


Wow! That crazy voodoo magic worked like a charm! Thank you!!!

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How can I get the values of the top three of the inline list which is shuffled everytime using the Reshuffle action to a button.

I can see the inline list showing different values after the shuffle, but how I do take those values to compute something.

My use case is a Blackjack game app, where I use an inline list containing all cards image along with their values and then show only the top three cards. When I click Reshuffle button, it shows different cards in the inline list for the top three. Now, I need to get the values of the top three and add them. How can I do that?

I don’t think you can do this simply with the reshuffle action, you don’t have a numeric value anywhere to use in other things.

Possibly you can do a single value > random to get a random number from a pre-determined list, then sort the list by that randomized number, and do other things with it?

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I can get a single random value, but how do I sort a list by a randomized number?

The single value column will populate all items in your list with different randomized numbers.

But, there are duplicates as well in that column.
I have a random value selected from a range of 1 - 50. But, some rows have the same random value.
Any way to avoid that?